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Masimo’s New rainbow Lite Sensors with Oxygen Reserve Index

Masimo is unveiling and releasing in Europe its new RD rainbow Lite SET sensors that measure the company’s proprietary Oxygen Reserve Index (ORi) and RPVi, a new and improved Pleth Variability Index (PVi) that relies on multiple wavelengths of light. This is on top of pulse oximetry capabilities. The technology allows for live fluid responsiveness assessment at a cost much lower than invasive techniques or even Masimo’s own rainbow sensors.

According to the company, “ORi is the first noninvasive and continuous parameter to provide insight into a patient’s oxygen reserve in the moderate hyperoxic range. In conjunction with SET pulse oximetry, ORi may provide advanced warning of impending desaturation, which may allow clinicians to intervene sooner.” In the announcement, results from a study of 25 pediatric patients is noted, which showed that ORi helped to spot desaturations a median of about 30 seconds before noted on SpO2. A larger study of adult patients with arterial catheterization and intraoperative blood gases analyses before surgery, demonstrated a relationship between changes in PaO2 and changes in ORi.  It also seems to point to ORi helping to watch the oxygen reserve in titrating patients on oxygen.

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