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We are complete IT solutions system integrator in health care and business processes. Collaboration with industry leaders in software and hardware, high competence of our team, successful experience of implemented projects and stable growth of demand for our services open another level of workflow for our clients.

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“Medstar Solutions Ltd.” (Kharkov, Ukraine) creates, integrates and implements complete IT-solutions in medicine, conducts on-line technical, training and development support of members. Also provides engineering services for the technological design and construction of health facilities

“NMT Ltd.” (Kharkov, Ukraine) is one of the leaders in the field of medical equipment supply for medical institutions in Ukraine. Since 2003, delivered more than 10.000 units of equipment for intensive care and neonatology, X-ray diagnostics, dentistry, sterilization, has equipped more than 500 state and private hospitals

“SLK-ASIA TRADE” (Almaty, Kazakhstan) provides supply, installation and maintenance of high-tech medical and dental equipment and supplies on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“RusTeleMed” (Moscow, Russia) is a system integrator of IT and cloud services in health care. Maintains the first in the Russian Federation public cloud archive of medical images and provides services for the storage and remote access to researches

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Dr. Sergey Kutsevlyak

Dr. Sergey Kutsevlyak CEO / Founder

Dr. Sergey Kutsevlyak

CEO / Founder

Dr. Sergey Kutsevlyak

Catherine Chuchilina

Catherine Chuchilina Deputy Director

Catherine Chuchilina

Deputy Director

Catherine Chuchilina

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