EHR and Patient Portal Medcard24

Creation of EHR- information about the patient from the appointment to the discharge from the hospital is preserved and available to all participants in the treatment process
Possibility of integrating EHR with other information systems and registries for obtaining additional information about the patient
Intergated- classifiers of medicines, medical services and clinical protocols
The possibility of integration with pharmacy systems for the solution of problems with registration of preferential medicines
System of information protection and personification of all actions
Patient Portal Medcard24 with such possibilities as: an appointment for online reception, search for medical institutions and doctors, viewing the results of the doctor’s appointments in a personal EMC and interaction with the family doctor.
Use of digital signature (authorization of medical workers, signing of all doctor’s actions, printing of documents with digital signature code instead of a physician’s signature).


  • Waiting time in the queue is shortened, because the patient will be able to reserve a reception in advance;
  • There is an increased appeal to institutions for the provision of care and treatment;
  • The scheduling of the doctor’s working time is simplified, thus the doctor can concentrate on taking each patient and paying more time
  • The number of clients dissatisfied with the service of the institution is reduced.

It is possible to enumerate for a long time, but all the advantages  are in one line – to enable physicians to deal with their direct duties – treating patients, and not dealing with past without a queue, manually filling in forms and receiving in constant haste.

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