Integrated mobile diagnostic system

Telemetry solution for remote diagnostic

Open platform for remote diagnostics, with number of portable connected devices. IDIS2GO gives hight quality diagnostic at any location of your patient. Remote access of specialist to diagnostic results. AI for doctor decision support.

IDIS2GO Coronavirus kit with COVID-19 tests

TELEHEALTH PLATFORM WITH RANGE OF CONNECTED MEDICAL DEVICES. IDIS2GO automatically collects diagnostic data, and transmits it to doctor via cloud with unique examination number.
Telemetry solution for remote diagnostic together with COVID-19 coronavirus tests is complete solution for managing pandemy in the country.

It provides diagnostics function and periodic patient supervision during treatment or rehabilitation, basic kit will collect data about:

  • blood pressure
  • electrocardiographic examination (12 channels)
  • heart rate
  • blood glucose level
  • urine analysis
  • respiratory function
  • blood oxygen saturation
  • pulse rate
  • body temperature (non-contact infrared thermometer)
  • photographing and audio recording

VivaDiag COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test is an in Vitro diagnostic test for the qualitative determination of COVID-19’s IgM and IgG antibodies in human whole blood (from vein or fingertip), serum or plasma.

Sample volume: 10 μL whole venous blood, serum, plasma or capillary blood
Measurement time: 15 minutes
Sample material: Plasma, serum, whole blood, capillary blood.
Contents: 1 test card, buffer, pipette, lancing device, alcohol swab, instructions for use.

The IDIS2GO system allows:


IDIS2GO App on Android Tablet


12-channel electrocardiograph (ECG)
Model: 8000GW
Electrocardiographic examination (12 channels).


Model: ABPM50
Measurement of blood pressure.


Pulse Oximeter
Model: CMS50D-BT
Pulse rate measurement.


Model: BG01
Measurement of glucose, cholesterol,ketones in the blood.


Infrared thermometer
Model: HTD8808EBody
temperature measurement.


Model: SP10W
Respiratory function research.


Urine analyzer
Model: BC401
Clinical analysis of urine (11 parameters, method of “dry” chemistry).

Benefits for doctors:

  • AI for doctor decision support.
  • Remote access of specialist to diagnostic results.
  • Hight quality diagnostic at any location of your patient.

Target groups of patients:

  • Patients who want express diagnostics in the clinic.
  • Patients of remote and rural areas.
  • Patients with limited mobility.
  • Elderly patients.

Usercase 1
Paramedic at the patient’s home – passing data to the doctor in the clinic.

Usercase 2
The doctor in the patient’s office during working hours provides diagnostic.

System features:

  • Data Exchange with medical information systems
  • Offline/online data storage
  • Research in LOINC standard
  • Quick order of consumables

Easy implementation and use:

  • Local support
  • Video manuals
  • Service center
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