Webinar: SHOW2DOC DE 26/11/2020


Language: German

Modern telemetry solutions in the СOVID-19 context

26/11/2020 at 15:30 (UTC +2 Austria time)

FREE online webinar

We invite you to join the free online webinar “Modern telemetry solutions in the СOVID-19 context” in German.

Webinar Program

  1. Features of the telemetry solutions market. The importance of telemetry during pandemics.
  2. Practical experience on application of telemetry in the public health system a and specialized institutions such as prisons, armed forces, etc.
  3. Review of IDIS2GO cloud — the system for tracking and data collection of medical research results within telemedicine platforms and their integration with existing systems (EHR, MIS).
  4. Demonstration of the Telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO in action.
  5. Demonstration of Show2Doc Doctor-to-Patient monitoring and communication platform in action.
  6. Questions and answers.

Webinar organizer

SK-Telemed GmbH (Austria) is a digital healthcare provider. Our solutions connect physicians, patients and partners via modern software with the highest data protection standards in the medical field to collect, transfer and analyse patient data using AI and Big Data. SK-Telemed GmbH has passed the audits and is now certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016.


Catherine Chuchylina

PHD, export director, co-owner of SK-Telemed GmbH, (Austria)

Sergiy Kutsevlyak

PhD in Medicine, master’s degree in state administration (Ukraine)

Georgiy Bilousov

Business Development, SK-Telemed GmbH, (Austria)

Krysztof Szymoniuk

Second Managing Director, SK-Telemed GmbH, (Austria)

Date: 26/11/2020 at 15:30 (UTC +2 Austria time)
Duration: ~90 minutes
Language: German
Format: Online zoom platform, participation is free, after prior registration.

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