Telemetry solution for remote diagnostic

The IDIS2GO Intelligent Remote Diagnostic System is a portable medical diagnostic system for remotely collecting, transmitting and storing information about the physiological parameters of a patient’s body.

IDIS2GO is an open platform with number of portable connected devices. IDIS2GO gives hight quality diagnostic at any location of your patient. Remote access to diagnostic results and AI for doctor decision support!

IDIS2GO is intended for preliminary diagnostics of the patient’s functions and remote monitoring of the patient during treatment and rehabilitation. It enables high quality examination at any place of the patient’s stay: in the doctor’s surgery, in the nursing home or directly at the patient’s place.


Complete diagnostic solution in one bag

Open platform with number of portable connected medical devices.

The diagnostic at remote locations: rural areas, transport, production and military units.

Remote access to diagnostic results for attending physicians and specialists.

Target groups of patients

The IDIS2GO system is a universal solution for coronavirus pandemics, as well as for monitoring people with disabilities and those who are restricted in movement. Thanks to its simple interface, the complex is suitable for use by medical staff and social workers.

  • Patients who want urgent diagnosis at the clinic
  • Patients in rural and remote areas
  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • People who are at home in self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • People with disabilities at home
  • Patients with limited mobility
  • Elderly patients

Modern IoMT solution

IDIS2GO telemetry diagnostic complex includes of:

Medical devices

A kit of necessary medical devices to collect patients’ health measurements.

Diagnostic application

IDIS2GO software is collecting and processing indicators to create diagnostic reports. AI for doctor decision support.

Cloud system

Each examination carried out is stored in internal memory and transferred to a secure cloud storage facility.

IDIS2GO kit composition

It provides diagnostics function and periodic patient supervision during treatment or rehabilitation, basic kit will collect data about blood pressure, electrocardiographic examination (12 channels), heart and pulse rate, blood glucose level, urine analysis, respiratory function, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, photographing and audio recording.

Monitor or Tablet

IDIS2GO App on Android Tablet

ECG (12-channel electrocardiograph)

Device to display electrocardiogram signal curve, heart rate (HR).

Electronic blood pressure monitor

Non-invasive blood pressure measurement is performed by the main module using a blood pressure cuff.

SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Sensor

Display the SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) value

Infrared Forehead/Ear Thermometer

Dual mode for the forehead and ear. Non-contact infrared thermometer.


Smart blood glucose monitoring system is comprised of the glucometer and the blood glucose test strips. 

Urine analyzer

Clinical analysis of urine (11 parameters, method of “dry” chemistry).


Respiratory function research.


Portable digital dermatoscope with Wi-Fi and USB interface.

Backpack IDIS2GO


Functional and useful for medical devices, with compartments and pockets.

Ask us about devices that may be included into the IDIS2GO complex

System features

Easy implementation and use: the local support, video manuals, the service center

  • Data exchange with medical information systems (EHR/EMR → MIS)
  • It can be easily integrated with any MIS
  • Offline/online data storage
  • Internet access via 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi
  • Research in LOINC standard
  • Quick order of consumables
  • No additional software

Use Cases

Usercase 1

Paramedic at the patient’s home – passing data to the doctor in the clinic.

Usercase 2

The doctor in the patient’s office during working hours provides diagnostic.

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