Curitiba, August 19, 2020. IDIS2GO – PILOT PROJECT IN BRAZIL

The pilot project for the implementation of the Telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO of the austrian SK-Telemed company in Brazil was initiated, starting with the municipality of Irati in the state of Paraná.

Irati is home to a huge ukrainian community in Brazil, and was chosen because it is a municipality that contemplates a diversity of small villages, with significant distances from the city, therefore the appropriate place for the use of the modern tools of the IDIS2GO system.

The IDIS2G0 System, which has modern remote medical examination technology, will be of great importance for the brazilian health system, as it brings the patient, through his local examinations, to the medical service that may be distant, usually at the headquarters of the main cities.

SK-Telemed company presented its system at events in the state of Paraná last year, on a trip by the Kharkiv city delegation, headed by Dr. Sergiy Kutsevlyak and Export Director of SK-Telemed Catherine Сhuchilina.

The result of this trip was the approximation of ukrainian companies to the huge brazilian market, thus opening up business opportunities for all participating countries.

It is worth mentioning that the municipality of Irati officially declared, during the visit of the ukrainian delegation, its interest in providing the possible structure for the work of the pilot project in Brazil.

The municipality has more than 60 thousand inhabitants, is located approximately 150 km from the state of Parana and has a large part of its population in the rural area.

The pilot project was made official on August 19, 2020, at the headquarters of the City Hall of Irati, in the presence of the following authorities:

MR. JORGE DERBLI – Mayor of Irati;

DR. JUSSARA A. KUBLINSKI HASSEN – Secretary of Health;


Doctors and responsible for care at the city and interior stations also participated.

Representatives of SK-TELEMED and IDIS2GO participated in the austrian company side in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul:


The Pilot Project will be of 3 months for all the analysis of the system, integration of information and necessary adjustments. There will be 2 complete kits of the system and equipment and will be used for tests in the main medical posts and homes in the most distant locations of the municipality.

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Protect your heart health

Each of us knows that cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the population. How to keep our heart healthy?
Each of us needs to take care of the heart muscle, regularly devote at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Most CVDs can be prevented by addressing behavioral risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and obesity, and physical inactivity.
There are various kinds of heart diseases, e.g. Cardiac failure, ischemic heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, etc. These heart diseases if not detected early can be quiet fatal to one’s life.
Keep a measurement diary, use the application to monitor basic health indicators.
Know your numbers, act upon abnormal findings and get your levels within acceptable ranges.
Remember to see your doctor immediately if you experience any abnormalities in blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, or chest pain.
Interesting Facts:
– The second hand was specially invented by the English physician D. Flower to begin research on heart rate;
– Studies have shown that people who sleep during the day are 37% less likely to develop CVD than those who do not sleep all day;
– Throughout life, a person’s heart in a calm state contracts up to 3 billion times, per minute – about 72 times, per day – about 100 thousand, and a year – 36 million 500 thousand times and pumps a volume of blood equal to almost 10 tons.
Remember, you have one heart, let’s keep it healthy.
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Show2Doc – Doctor-Patient communication and monitoring platform

Hello everyone! Today we want to tell you about our new smart product. It is Show2Doc – Doctor-Patient communication and monitoring platform!

Show2Doc – a brand new level of a patient care.

Show2Doc contains chat, video calls, a calendar with the task manager and sends reports from connected devices directly to the patient’s medical card for doctor’s analysis.

We use IoT Technologies and AI algorithms to facilitate health monitoring status and give proper treatment solutions.

Target patients groups of SHOW2DOC:

– Patients with chronic diseases

– Elderly people and people who take care of them

– Pregnant women

-Patients in rural area



– Increase audience of potential clients by using online technologies.

– Remote monitoring reduces disease complications and emergency visits to hospital and overall readmissions costs, reducing inpatient hospital stay.

– Profit from additional medical services.

– Profit from patient medical devices sale/rent.

– Treatment plan scheduling, assigning and adjustment.

– Doctor daily task manager with calendar and status notification, and others.


– Convenient communication channel with doctor from any part of the world: chat, video calls.

– Prevention of deviations in the early stages – quality and longer life.

– Task manager calendar from doctor.

– Notifications, reminders.

– Personal electronic health record in one place.

– Observation diary to fix all changes automatic/manually, downloading pictures.

– Wide range of personal medical devices with an automatic reports to doctor, and others.

Continuous care with portable medical devices for the
home use.

More information you can find on

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SK-Telemed delivered VivaDiag™ SARS-CoV-2 IgM / IgG Rapid Test to Bolivia

We would like to share the wonderful news with you – coronavirus antibody tests are already in Bolivia! SK-Telemed delivered VivaDiag™ SARS-CoV-2 IgM / IgG Rapid Test to Bolivia. In this difficult time, we are pleased to help various countries combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Now SK-Telemed delivers tests under its own brand Immupass VivaDiag.
We are open for cooperation. Please submit any questions to:

#SK-Telemed #RapidTests#Coronavirus#COVID-19 #SARS-CoV-2 #Bolivia

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