SK-Telemed GmbH is a complete system integrator for IT solutions in healthcare business processes. Collaboration with industry leaders in software and hardware, high competence of our team, successful experience of implemented projects and stable growth of demand for our services open another level of workflow for our clients. We deliver healthcare software development services for hospitals, doctors, patients ensuring high level of digital healthcare service and health management. Healthcare providers with our software solutions improve medical workflows, enhance treatment, diagnostics and organize secure data transfer between healthcare departments.

SK-Telemed GmbH has passed the audits and is now certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016. Read more about SK-Telemed GmbH.


We increase level of healthcare services with help of cutting-edge IT solutions. Cooperation with doctors as consultants to provide better services to patients.


Our solutions connect doctors, patients and partners via modern software, with highest standards of data protection in the medical field to collect, transfer and analyze patient data using AI and Big Data.


The use of IoT technologies and AI
to facilitate monitoring of the patients health status and give proper treatment solutions.



Integrated mobile diagnostic system IDIS2GO is a telemetry solution for remote diagnostic. The diagnostic clinic just in one bag!

  • Open platform with number of portable connected devices (12-channel ECG, urine analizer, spirometer, blood pressure, glucometer, SpO2, dermatoscope, digital stethoscope, wireless doppler, fetal doppler, etc).
  • Diagnostic in remote locations: rural areas, transport, production and military units.
  • Remote access for medical specialists to diagnostic results.
  • AI for doctor decision support.

Doctor-to-Patient communication and monitoring platform Show2Doc connects with the portable medical devices. The complete health monitoring for home use!

  • The patient app collects all health records and transfer to the doctor interface
  • video consultations booking for the doctor’s time management
  • EHR with treatment history
  • text and video chat
  • the patient treatment calendar and a task manager.
Patient portal with the web and mobile app Medcard24

Patient portal with the web and mobile app. Medcard24 allows:

  • to find doctors or clinics
  • to schedule the appointments
  • to check the personal medical datas in EHR
  • to book an online-consultation
  • to recieve the electronic prescriptions
  • to find medicine in the nearest pharmacy and purchase it online

Unified system for prescription registration, accounting and monitoring

Single e-prescriptions database.
Identification doctor, pharmacist and medical prescription. Online reporting.

This program was created to:

  • Medical prescription process automation.
  • Control of distribution of medicines to pharmacies.
  • Creation of reimbursement register of drug costs.
  • Analytical reports generating.

e-prescriptions database
Telemedicine portal


Telemedicine portal

Complete telemedicine module, with doctor’s time management, Doctor-to-Doctor and Patient-to-Doctor remote consultation workflows, electronic health record (EHR), diagnostic results and video calling.

Telemedicine portal includes:

  • Telemedicine consultation
  • Video calling
  • Home telemedicine
  • Search of consultants

We provide complete ecosystem for communication between patient and doctor. Our healthcare software development services ensure that your products are secure, scalable and most importantly compliant to the various healthcare standards. Our technology expertise combined with healthcare domain experience helps us to deliver winning products, time and again.

Dr. Sergiy Kutsevlyak

CEO/ Founder

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