Catherine Chuchylina: our solutions help to save lives giving access to remote diagnostic and treatment

Catherine Chuchylina, export director and co-founder of SK-Telemed GmbH (Austria), has more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering IT solutions for medical clinics and patients, including telemedicine projects. We met with her to discuss what trends in the industry the coronavirus caused and what to expect from medtech against the pandemic.

— Catherine, SK-Telemed GmbH specializes in telehealth, please share more information about it.

SK-Telemed is a digital healthcare provider, we specialize in development, implementation and support of our telehealth products around the world.

Nowadays, the main concentration of SK-Telemed is development and implementation of telehealth and IoT-solutions for private and public healthcare areas. Our cutting edge IT-products facilitate remote diagnostics, improve patients’ remote health monitoring, provide  doctor to patient communication and virtual care during the pandemic.  SK-Telemed is certificated by ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016

— Which countries do you work with?

Currently, we have 15 distributors. Among them: Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, Romania, Algeria, Senegal, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Portugal and the list is growing. Our team also is growing and supporting  our distributors in all countries in different time zones.

— What are the global challenges facing SK-Telemed and other IT solution providers? 

During 2020 and for now the world is facing COVID-19 pandemic. It is a golden age and multiplies the growth of demand for telehealth and telemedicine. Government public health programs and projects, dozens of new companies, online mode for thousands of patients and doctors, new easier rules for registrations and import. On the other side are new blockages and restrictions, lack of mobility between countries and even cities.

— How did pandemic influence on the telehealth industry in the world?

In the focus are digital solutions for remote diagnostics, monitoring, treatment, communication. Everything is going online and healthcare sector also – especially during COVID-19 pandemic, when the possibility of remote diagnostic and treatment is a must to prevent spreading of infection.

As, for example, in 2020, during MEDICA Virtual Edition and other online events we saw a huge interest in digital tools for remote diagnostics, treatment and communication, as well as telehealth technologies — store-and-forward, telemonitoring, telemedicine, and mhealth. 

SK-Telemed headed the top list of companies in the Telemedicine category on the MEDICA2020. 

Thus, in response to the COVID-19 challenges,  SK-Telemed have the flagman products — Show2Doc (telemonitoring and communication platform) and IDIS2GO (telehealth medical diagnostic system).

— Which telehealth products are highly-demanded now?

Telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO is 100% fits for remote diagnostic in any patient location. It has been successfully integrated into public health programs in dozens of countries. The patient remote monitoring platform Show2Doc with ‘white label’ offer can become the branded solution for MOH, governors and mayors to bring their own named App for their citizens and doctors to prevent personal contacts, perform remote health monitoring and create high-end treatment management.

In fact – we are bringing a complete ecosystem for remote care for chronic and COVID patients. Every citizen can be wired to his physician by Show2Doc – as an all-territory service for remote health monitoring and treatment correction. Any ill patient may be diagnosed at home by IDIS2GO – just to give it in hands of outpatient clinics.

— What are the most common use cases of the IDIS2GO diagnostic and monitoring system?

As I said before, healthcare providers use it in remote areas, for patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone who has difficulty reaching a clinic.  

Telehealth medical diagnostic system IDIS2GO is used in various environments: ambulance crews, outpatient clinics, rural health care centers, emergency and elderly care workers as well as military units, and production facilities.  IDIS2GO has become an effective solution for complete remote diagnosis, observation and monitoring of patients during the SARS-CoV-2 quarantine and post-vaccination measures.

— Can you add something in your solution or adjust it according the needs of the market?

As a digital health care provider SK-Telemed GmbH is able to adjust IT solutions for healthcare also upon their needs and requests. Our successful experience of creation and managing MIS, HIS, telehealth and telemedicine platforms give us a right to be an expert in this topic and support projects in every step of developing on cities, province, and state levels.

The epidemic will last for at least another 2 years, and government agencies should already be thinking not only about oxygen units and beds, but also about prevention and remote treatment of cardiac and endocrinological patients, taking care also of pregnant women and children.

First of all, our solutions help to save lives and we are happy being part of path that cares about people and give access to high quality diagnostics and treatment from any patient location.

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