What is the IDIS2GO remote patient monitoring system?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare delivery method that uses technology to monitor patient health outside of a traditional clinical setting. RPM refers to the internet of things and telemedicine technologies used to electronically transmit information between patients and physicians, and it is one of the care delivery system within the telehealth industry.

The IDIS2GO RPM is an easy-to-use platform that connects patients with physicians directly by capturing remotely measured vital signs in real-time. This allows providers to see if procedures and/or medication changes are going according to the treatment plan.

  • Enable decision support with threshold alerts of negative trending vitals
  • Filter and score patients based on clinical data to help prioritize care delivery
  • Configure monitoring plans tied into client care plans
  • Be more proactive in care delivery and involve patients in self-monitoring

Benefits of IDIS2GO RPM

Continuous treatment and care during the pandemic

Significant reducing of labour time for each patient daily monitoring

Documenting patient compliance with doctors prescriptions

Complete doctor-patient interaction: text & video chats, online consultations, medication management, etc.

IDIS2GO Patient-to-Doctor RPM-system

The IDIS2GO RPM system delivers a cutting-edge real-time telehealth solution supporting healthcare infrastructures in the COVID-19 era to treat immobile or distant patients, or to protect the health of patients and staff by monitoring at-risk patients remotely.


Data Collection

Patient vital signs such as blood pressure, heart and pulse rates, glucose level, urine analysis, respiratory function, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature are collected via medical devices connected to the IDIS2GO IoT system.



The collected data is transmitted in real time to healthcare providers to the IDIS2GO protected cloud via an personal tablet connected to the Internet.



Doctors evaluate the data and identify problem areas. The problem-solving information is transmitted to an AI system for analysis and decision-making, and to further send alerts to patients.



Alerts are sent to the patient if it needs urgent specialist attention, hospitalization, or the start of medication.

What does one IDIS2GO RPM kit consist of?

Smartphone with the IDIS2GO RPM app

Tablet with the IDIS2GO RPM app

The patient is provided with a smartphone OR tablet with installed IDIS2GO RPM software, as well as a set of connected medical devices.

Smart blood glucose monitoring system

Pulse Oximeter

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Fetal dopler

Urine analyzer


Infrared Forehead/Ear Thermometer

Portable ECG Monitor

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