Remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19

COVID-19: Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies that track and transmit a patient’s vital signs can provide real-time insights for healthcare providers to determine next steps.

Show2Doc is a Doctor-to-Patient monitoring and communication platform that combines telemedicine capability and connectivity with medical devices into a single system. It was designed specifically for remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients.

The system includes a web interface for the doctor, a convenient application for the patient (Android and iOS), a virtual cloud, ISO certified in the EU and portable medical devices for home use (optionally).

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How to use Show2Doc

Show2Doc is a digital solution for remote monitoring the patient with COVID-19 at home and in ambulatory treatment. It represents a powerful modality to gather valuable clinical and other background data from patients to empower both monitoring and video-based visits.

Benefits of using Show2Doc
for daily patient monitoring

Continuous treatment and care online during the pandemic without in-person visits to the clinic

Significant reducing of labor time and cost savings for each daily patient monitoring

Reduction of severe cases and hospitalizations through remote health monitoring

Doctor prescriptions fulfillment control with automatic documentation

Complete doctor-patient interaction: text & video chats, online consultations, medication management, etc.

Observation diary to record all health changes and online consultations to detect and prevent deteriorations early

User-friendly intuitive interfaces for doctors and patients to reach out to a wide audience

Convenient time and task management for precise treatment online

Importance of daily remote monitoring for patients with COVID-19

Healthcare should focus on introducing daily monitoring of health status and follow-up of prescriptions in patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment.

  • COVID-19 is an insidious disease, when symptoms of lung tissue damage are often invisible to the patient.
  • The late detection of symptoms of worsening disease leads to an increase in the number of severe cases and the need for hospitalization.
  • The introduction of monitoring patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment through Show2Doc platform will improve the timeliness of treatment, significantly reduce the number of severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Daily monitoring tasks
for COVID-19 patients

Due to the ability to monitor patients on the basis of medical protocols, the platform allows you to identify in time and speed up the care of infected patients whose condition is deteriorating.

Timely detect a slight increase in temperature or deterioration of respiratory function-this is the task for daily monitoring with the joint participation of a doctor and a patient:

  • t° — body temperature
  • SpO2 — oxygen saturation
  • 30″ — breath hold test
  • other important tests.

The medical devices such as an thermometer and a pulse oximeter are most relevant for the COVID-19 patients undergoing home treatment.

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Continuous treatment and care
during the pandemic

Patient app (Android and iOS) collects all measurements from medical devices and transmits them to doctor’s web interface. Reminders, task manager, telemedicine consultations make Show2Doc direct channel between doctors and patients.

Remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients — How to do Remote Patient Monitoring with Show2Doc?

Why is Show2Docthe best solution
for daily COVID-19 monitoring?

  1. Valuable labor time and cost savings for patient care.
  2. Doctor prescriptions fulfillment control with automatic documentation (which is not performed in videoservices).
  3. Doctor-Patient immediate communication via chat for immediate feedback.
  4. Reducing the number of videocalls only to neccessary cases – all measurements and symptoms are already entered by the patient.
  5. Possibility of complete outpatient treatment without in-person visits to the clinic.
  6. User-fiendly intuitive interfaces.
  7. Convinient time and task management.

Show2Doc is ready for cooperation with public health, insurance and clinics worldwide.
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Discover all features
Show2Doc has

Show2Doc represents a powerful modality to gather valuable clinical and other background data
from self-isolated and COVID-19 patients to empower both remote monitoring and video-based visits.

  • Task manager
    A doctor may prescribe medications for a patient, use a task manager to schedule medical measurements list and telemedicine consultations with a patient.
  • Text & Video chats
    Protected text chats and video calls between the doctor and patient.
  • Subscriptions
    The subscription-based model means the patient pays a fixed recurring monthly fee for access to telehealth consultations or services.
  • Devices (optionally)
    Patient may use own devices and put data manually in Show2Doc App or use our connected devices with automated upload in the platform.

medical app for remote patient monitoring in the pandemic era
  • Calendar
    Calendar and observation diary with questions to monitor a patient condition.
  • Reports
    Observe trends via custom reports and dashboards with aggregate data.
    All patients are in one place with all data (EHR) and a medical history. Use Show2Doc standalone or integrate with your EHR/MIS.
  • Comprehensive software
    No additional software need to be used: just the web interface for the doctor and the Show2Doc mobile app (Android and iOS) for the patient.
  • White Label is avaliable
    Software (mobile app and web interface) can be personalized for clinic (name of app in store, logo, colours, etc.)

Show2Doc patient application
in convenient format

Available for Android and iOS

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