Show2Doc – Doctor-Patient communication and monitoring platform

Hello everyone! Today we want to tell you about our new smart product. It is Show2Doc – Doctor-Patient communication and monitoring platform!

Show2Doc – a brand new level of a patient care.

Show2Doc contains chat, video calls, a calendar with the task manager and sends reports from connected devices directly to the patient’s medical card for doctor’s analysis.

We use IoT Technologies and AI algorithms to facilitate health monitoring status and give proper treatment solutions.

Target patients groups of SHOW2DOC:

– Patients with chronic diseases

– Elderly people and people who take care of them

– Pregnant women

-Patients in rural area



– Increase audience of potential clients by using online technologies.

– Remote monitoring reduces disease complications and emergency visits to hospital and overall readmissions costs, reducing inpatient hospital stay.

– Profit from additional medical services.

– Profit from patient medical devices sale/rent.

– Treatment plan scheduling, assigning and adjustment.

– Doctor daily task manager with calendar and status notification, and others.


– Convenient communication channel with doctor from any part of the world: chat, video calls.

– Prevention of deviations in the early stages – quality and longer life.

– Task manager calendar from doctor.

– Notifications, reminders.

– Personal electronic health record in one place.

– Observation diary to fix all changes automatic/manually, downloading pictures.

– Wide range of personal medical devices with an automatic reports to doctor, and others.

Continuous care with portable medical devices for the
home use.

More information you can find on

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