SK-Telemed participated in the online webinar about telemedicine and telemetry solutions

We are glad to inform you that SK-Telemed participated in the online webinar “Modern telemetry and telemedicine solutions for a COVID-19 pandemic scenario”. The webinar was held on May 26 and 27.

In the online webinar experts spoke on the following topics:

  1. The use of telemetry systems for the public and private health sectors to provide support and diagnosis of chronic patients during epidemics and post-epidemic periods.
  2. The use of telemedicine platforms for the public and private health sectors and their integration with the existing systems of databases of healthcare establishments and databases of patients.
  3. Automatic monitoring and data collection systems to monitor the epidemiological situation during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  4. Cloud systems to track and collect data from medical exam results and their integration with telemetry and telemedicine systems.
  5. Brazilian regulatory policy and the need to extend the law on the use of telemedicine after the end of the epidemic period of COVID-19.

The relevance of topics has attracted interest of public and private health sector representatives, health distributors, partners and top executives of companies providing medical services.

There were more than 300 registered for the webinar, which indicates the urgency of the topic and the wide interest in it to the audience of Brazil. We have received many flattering reviews from our listeners from various Latin American countries.

SK-Telemed is inspired by such success and we plan to organize a webinar on telemetric solutions and telemedicine already this month.

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