Non-contact infrared thermometer with Bluetooth interface

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infrared thermometer became very popular. Now it is indispensable in the hospital, at work, in public places, in various areas of everyone’s life.

  An infrared thermometer can measure easily, quickly and accurately the temperature. Determines the temperature by the part of the thermal radiation emitted by the measured object.

  Since infrared thermometers are non-contact devices, they are especially used successfully to measure and record the temperature of sick children. This thermometer is absolutely necessary in every home, as it has important functions:

◆ Measurement of human body temperature;

◆ temperature measurement of objects;

◆ liquid measurement: for example, the temperature of the baby’s bath water, the temperature of the milk mixture;

◆ simple and practical: easy to measure, easy to find, easy to use;

◆ audible and luminous warning: green, yellow, red, three colored lighting tips for body temperature limits (low temperature, high temperature) at the same time as an audible warning;

◆ multilevel memory: 50 sets of measurement data can be stored for analysis and comparison;

◆ adjustment: you can change the adjustment settings to adapt to different colors or different characteristics of the human body.

  An infrared thermometer is included in the basic package of the IDIS2GO mobile diagnostic system.

  IDIS2GO was designed to collect, transmit and store information about the vital signs (physiological parameters) of the patient’s body.

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