The spirometer is used to obtain the basic parameters of the external respiration function.

The use of spirometry during the COVID-19 pandemic is an important tool for the early detection of problems with external respiration.

It is possible to conduct this study in healthy people – athletes in order to determine the tolerance of physical activity and study the ventilation abilities of the respiratory system.

Spirometry is a simple study of lung function to diagnose obstructive ventilation disorders and to determine lung volume, as well as to assess the severity of ventilation disorders.

A decrease in vital capacity may be an expression of restrictive ventilation disorders caused by a decrease in total lung capacity.

Vital forced lung capacity is the maximum exhalation after a full inhalation. This is an important check for chest diseases and respiratory diseases and is a prerequisite for testing in modern lung inspection.

At the same time, it is of great importance for respiratory diseases, differential diagnosis, treatment evaluation and choice of surgical indications. Thus, with the rapid development of clinical respiratory physiology, the clinical application of pulmonary examination is also gaining popularity.

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