Telehealth Service Delivery Models

The need to improve states’ healthcare systems has increased after dealing with the challenges that the world faced in 2020. While organizing the fight against the spread of the coronavirus infection, a number of countries invoked telemedicine technologies. We will try to characterize and give examples of established and emerging telehealth models.


Asynchronous transmission of medical information, such as digital images and test results. Most commonly used in radiology, pathology, dermatology, and ophthalmology. 

Store-and-forward telemedicine surpasses the need for the medical practitioner to meet in person with a patient. Instead, data such as medical images or biosignals can be sent to the specialist as needed when it has been acquired from the patient. 

Examples of use:

  • Radiology x-rays or MRIs reviewed by the remote physicians
  • Dermatology — digital photos of skin conditions reviewed and treated remotely, if needed
  • Pathology — remote testing 
  • Ophthalmology — remote eye screenings for diabetic retinopathy

Live Video Conferencing

Remote, synchronous services provided via video conferencing. Using the two-way interactive audio-video technology to connect users when a live, face-to-face interaction is necessary.

Such interactive services can provide immediate advice to patients who require medical attention. There are several different mediums utilized for this purpose, including phone, online and home visits. A medical history and consultation about presenting symptoms can be undertaken, followed by assessment similar to those usually conducted in face-to-face appointments.

Examples of use:

  • Remote telestroke consultations for neurologists to assess patient symptoms
  • Retinal scans
  • Live remote pediatric specialist consultations
  • Behavioral health and psychiatric assessment

The IDIS2GO Intelligent Remote Diagnostic System is a portable medical diagnostic system for remotely collecting, transmitting and storing information about the physiological parameters of a patient’s body. Find out more about IDIS2GO telemerty solution.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-time transmission of patient vitals or other clinical parameters. Collects medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and digitally transmits that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations. 

Also known as self-monitoring or self-testing, remote monitoring uses a range of technological devices to monitor health and clinical signs of a patient remotely. This is extensively used in the management of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and asthma.

Examples of use:

  • Implantable or patient-controlled remote monitoring devices for heart failure
  • Remote care management of chronic diseases
  • Remote monitoring for long-term and post-acute care
  • Remote monitoring-based care coordination programs


Communication and data/image transfer via smartphones. Using devices such as smartphones and portable monitoring sensors that transmit information to the providers, as well as dedicated application software (apps), which are downloaded onto a smartphone.

mHealth provides patients with healthcare right where they are. With the help of telehealth applications, the patient is able to get real-time medical care from anywhere in the world and keep track of vital data.

Examples of use:

  • Physician downloads photos a patient uploaded of his dermatologic condition in order to provide diagnosis and treatment
  • The diabetic patient connects a glucometer to his smartphone to track and transmit data to the clinician.
  • The provider conducts face-to-face or electronic medical consultation through a secure healthcare app.

The complete mHealth solution offered by the SK-Telemed GmbH is Show2Doc — Doctor-to-Patient communication and monitoring platform. Being an open platform, Show2Doc can connect various medical devices. The basic set includes: a personal fetal doppler, portable ECG, infrared thermometer, urine analyzer, digital scales, electronic blood pressure monitor, glucometer, etc. Ask us a demo right now.

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