Telemedicine – a tool in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

During an emergency, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the use of Telemedicine in the healthcare sector is particularly relevant. Our Telemedicine solution is a tool to support medical practice experiencing adverse economic consequences from suspension of visits and procedures not related to COVID-19, manage their working time and appointments, observe dynamic of patient activities.
Telemedicine allows patients to talk remotely with healthcare professionals, saving time for both.
During quarantine, when it is forbidden to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, online patient counseling will prevent the spread of the virus.
Telemedicine consultations enable the patient to stay at home during the days of the rapid spread of COVID-19, while receiving effective medical care, saving the cost of an unnecessary visit to the emergency room.
The introduction of telemedicine will reduce the number of physical visits to the clinic, while limiting the impact of pathogens. These factors will prevent the virus from spreading, reduce the burden on the clinic staff and help to effectively treat patients.
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