SK-Telemed took part in “Arab Health 2020”

SK-Telemed have opened 2020 with participation in Arab Health 2020 in Dubai – heart of health care in Middle East.
We faced increasing demand for our IDIS2GO – telemetry solution for remote diagnostic. Rural areas, transport, production and military units – IDIS2GO gives opportunity to receive quality healthcare from best doctors even from remote areas.
SHOW2DOC was introduced as doctor to patient platform for communication and monitoring. Patient app collects all measurements and transmits them to doctor’s interface – very convinient for patients at home. Reminders, task manager, telemedicine consultations make SHOW2DOC direct channel between doctor and patient.
SK-Telemed is proud to be a part of “Arab Health 2020”, exchange global expertise and sector’s best practices. Now we are already in the office, continuing our dialog with clients.

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